Toyota Corolla Facelift 2017


Toyota Corolla Facelift 2017

The new Toyota Corolla 2017 facelift is creating excitement nowadays. Toyota Indus has totally revived and refreshed the front of the vehicle alongside new brake lights, updated compounds, and overhauled dashboard. Alongside the more evident external changes, Toyota is particularly concentrating on the unobtrusive changes it has conveyed to its inside (dashboard) this time around.

Toyota corolla

Interior changes:

has marginally changed the standpoint and outline of the new model. Yet, remember that whatever remains of the inside is basically the same. Single word you will read and hearing a great deal around the new Corolla is ‘glory’; that is intended to demonstrate that how the new outline conveys and adds notoriety to the new auto. One can contend this is very subjective, however it is the thing that it is.

Toyota has brought what it is calling a ‘3-dimensional coasting configuration’ to its new dashboard. There is the dark base surface of the dashboard, at that point lighter cream hued second layer, and in conclusion the piano dark cleaned third layer of the board on top around the middle screen and atmosphere control board. It has been ensured that the joints and separating lines are escaped the travelers and the light shaded segment of the dashboard is comprised of delicate finished material. The A/C vents on outrageous left and right have likewise been overhauled. You now get round vents rather than triangular vents of the active model.

Meter panel:
The XLi and GLi variations will accompany a general simple meter with a reduced LCD in the base of the meter. The LCD show data like an odometer, trip meter, cruising range, fuel normal, and additionally data like motor temperature, outside temperature and move position for programmed GLi variation.

 Digital opitiron meter:

The higher models like 1.6L Altis AT, 1.8L Altis MT, 1.8L Altis CVT-I, 1.8L Altis Grande MT and 1.8L Altis Grande CVT-I will accompany Toyota’s recently planned Optitron meter. Toyota has updated the designs of the multi-data show to enhance the presence of the entire bundle. You get two simple meters (RPM and speedometer) and in the middle, you get a 4.2inch TFT show with superior quality hues. The TFT show demonstrates general data like current efficiency, cruising range and eco screen. And afterward there are things like messages and general setting of the show.


Control panel:

Toyota has overhauled both the computerized and manual atmosphere control and switches in the new 2017 Toyota Corolla.

The automatic panel which is just accessible in the new 1.8L Grande variation now accompanies flip catches rather than general push catches. Toyota’s contention behind the change is that flip catches are durable as well as far less demanding to use amid driving. The LCD board has been updated also.

Manual panel:

The manual panel is still used in low grade units such as mid/base grade Altis 1.8L MT/CVT, Altis 1.6L AT, GLi 1.3L MT/AT, and XLi 1.3L M/T variants.

Infotainment system:

Toyota has likewise presented another 9″ infotainment framework in the new Corolla. The new framework is running Android 4.2 and accompanies a preloaded route framework and is intelligent in plan with show data, for example, entryway partially open cautioning, trunk open cautioning, support ready, low fuel cautioning, and trip travel and so forth. Other than that, you additionally get three cameras; a front cam, a switching cam, and a lodge dash cam.


The company is offering 8 variants; the mentioned prices are exclusive of taxes.

  • XLi:  1,750,000
  • GLi:  1,889,000
  • GLi AT:  1,964,000
  • Altis 1.6:  2,149,000
  • Altis 1.8:  2,224,000
  • Altis 1.8 CVT:  2,349,000
  • Altis 1.8 Grande:  2,399,000
  • Altis 1.8 Grande CVT: 2,549,000

Exterior changes:

As mentioned above the exterior of the facelift is not that upgraded as it is an edition to the same model with almost same dimensions and engine aspects but the upgrades are too catchy that gives the car it’s more streamed and sporty look due to which car has gained more popularity in Sub-Continent and specially in Pakistan.

Unique projector lamp and bumper has been lifted a bit to create an attractive front with sharp front grill, bumper has been curved and molded in the same way similar to facelift Vitz. Two round shape fog lamps has been added at the bottom for better view while driving in fog or rain, they also introduce day time running streamed strip of Led that looks quite catchy while it blinks.

 Rear look:

Not much modification on rear view of the facelift though they have come up with unique mod in tail light that gives a neon touch with led’s panel on it. The rear reflector are pretty same comparatively to previous variant, moreover there is no further change.



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