UBL Wiz Internet Prepaid Visa Debit Cards


If you don’t have PayPal account in Pakistan and want to shop online like want to buy webhosting from HostGatorGodaddy or any gadget from online shop than its time for you to get UBL Wiz Internet Visa Debit Card. This is the first ever Prepaid Visa Debit Card in Pakistan which means that pay first and than shop. I got this card today and was amazed by the application process and the features of this card. With Visa logo you can use this card any where in the world, Withdraw money any where in the world via ATM and even shop online and buy everything you want to buy. This is the ideal card specially for Pakistani bloggers who are bound to use Credit card only and I know that not every one can afford Credit card.

How it Works

You might be wondering that without opening account how this card will work for you. The answer is that UBL will create one virtual account for you in a virtual branch (code 1993) with your name. The card is then linked to that virtual account and it has Visa logo on it so you can use it any where.

Features and Benefits

The most amazing thing I like about UBL Wiz Internet Visa Debit Card that you don’t need to open regular account in order to get this card. This card is just ready for you and all you have to do is to visit nearest UBL branch, pay 100 rupees card fee and it will be yours. No rubbish documents needed, no balance limit, no extra charges its just dream card for us. Unlike UBL Wallet Visa Debit card for which you have to activate session(for 24 hours only) in order to shop online, this card is already activated which means you can use this card 24/7/365 on internet.

Verify E-Currency Accounts

You can use it to verify your Payza account in Pakistan or any other E-currency account. Some says that it can even be used to verify PayPal account in Pakistan(not recommended) by opening PayPal account via USA name and address. Because this card has no physical address so you may be successful but remember this is illegal way and PayPal can any time block your account and hence you can lose your money.

Who can get this card

Almost everyone in Pakistan who has Nadra ID card can get this card. This card is available in three types for all types of people like Traveler card for men, ladies card for ladies and Teen card for students and children’s under the age of 18 years. So virtually everyone can easily get this card from online UBL branch.

How to get this Card

This card will be yours in just few hours. All you need is two photo copies of your ID card, Job proof or residence proof for men only. Ladies and students can get this card by only submitting two photocopies of ID card or B-Form. You can even order this card from your home. Visit this UBL bank page and fill in all your details.

How to Reload your Card

Reloading is very simple, just submit cash into the branch from where to get your card or if you have their account than you can transfer money from your account via check, ATM or net-banking.

Fee Structure

You can get new card in just 100 rupees + 116 rupees FED. Ever time you withdraw money from ATM machine other than UBL 15 rupees will be deducted from your account. Overseas Internet transaction charges are rupees 300/- or 3% which one is greater.

Card Limit

Maximum balance per card limit for Travelers card is rupees 2,00,000/- only, Ladies card is rupees 50,000/- only and for Teen card is 20,000/- only.

24/7 Support and E-statement Facility

Gone are the days when you have to visit bank in order to solve your queries now your Internet Visa Debit Card problems are just a phone call away. Also you will receive an SMS every-time you withdraw or transact money online via this card. You will also revive monthly E-statements of your card on your E-mail address or you can check your balance via ATM machine..


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